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Reasons and Solutions for False Soldering in BGA Rework Machine when Replacing Graphics Card

1. Reasons for virtual soldering when replacing graphics card in BGA rework machine

(1) Poor contact: Poor contact between the graphics card and the AGP slot on the motherboard is one of the reasons why the graphics card cannot work stably. This can be caused by the quality of the AGP slot material on the motherboard, misalignment between the AGP slot and the space on the back panel of the chassis, or the metal plating on the graphics card's gold fingers being too thin, which can cause oxidation in humid air after multiple insertions and removals of the graphics card. Accumulated dust around the AGP slot can also cause poor contact on the motherboard.

(2) Power supply issues: As the power consumption of graphics cards increases rapidly, there may be a problem with insufficient AGP power supply when upgrading graphics cards, especially in hot summers when the GPU's high power consumption can be a severe test for the host power supply and motherboard's power circuits. If you frequently encounter black screen issues when running large 3D games and have recently upgraded your graphics card, it is recommended to check the power supply of the BGA rework machine and the motherboard.

(3) Improper settings: For most VIA graphics cards, the support for edge band addressing is not perfect. To ensure stability, many motherboard manufacturers have disabled this feature in the default settings at the factory. If you turn on edge band addressing in the VIA system's CMOS settings, it may be the cause of instability in your computer.

2. Solutions to virtual soldering when replacing graphics card in BGA rework machine

(1) Quality issues: Currently, the graphics card core uses BGA rework machine soldering, which is a packaging method for integrated circuits using organic carrier boards. Because BGA packaging has high requirements for soldering technology and equipment, some small factories' products may have virtual soldering on the GPU core of the graphics card. Therefore, when replacing graphics cards, it is essential to use professional BGA repair equipment.

(2) Temperature issues: If there is virtual soldering on the graphics card GPU core, and the heat dissipation is not very good, it may lead to detachment after a long time, resulting in various problems with the graphics card. If there is virtual or detached soldering on the graphics card, a BGA rework machine or hot air gun needs to be used for repair. It is recommended to use a fully automatic BGA rework machine with a self-settable temperature curve and high repair rate.

(3) Vibration or external force: Although the likelihood of a graphics card falling is not high, it is still possible. Some virtual or detached soldering can be caused by falls or impacts. In addition, improper disassembly methods or excessive force when tightening screws during cleaning or modifying the graphics card's heatsink can also cause damage to the graphics card core due to external forces. When replacing graphics cards, it is recommended to have personnel with certain repair experience to operate for better results.

In the actual process of repairing graphics cards, due to the different chip architectures, there may be failures when using a BGA rework machine to replace graphics cards. Therefore, it is recommended to use a professional BGA rework station for repairing graphics cards to avoid virtual soldering problems.

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