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What Are the Advantages of BGA Rework Station in High Technology of Optical Automation?

The extensive application of BGA rework stations has spread across various industries, whether it is computers, mobile phones, or other electronic products that we come into contact with daily, BGA rework stations are all involved in them. There are two types of BGA rework stations on the market: optical alignment rework stations and non-optical rework stations. Today we will focus on the optical alignment rework station.

The principle of optics for the BGA rework station is, through the optical module, using split prism imaging and LED illumination, and adjusting the distribution of the light field to make the chip carrier image display on the displayer, to achieve the purpose of optical alignment and rework. It has many advantages, which are as follows.

1. Production application of BGA rework station

The wide application of the optical alignment BGA rework station is because the optical alignment BGA rework station involves the debugging of the microscope, so it has much higher requirements than the ordinary BGA rework station, and the optical alignment BGA rework station has high requirements on the color matching of the machine. The optical alignment BGA rework machine needs to perform alignment of different light sources according to the color of different PCBA substrates so that the chips can be applied in coincidence with them and then be applied.

2. High efficiency of BGA rework station

The optical alignment BGA rework station saves the process of manual focusing. So the worker only needs to adjust the parameters to operate the optical alignment BGA rework station, and then the machine itself will automatically disassemble and assemble the BGA chip according to the adjusted parameters, which greatly improves the efficiency of the entire operational process.

3. High utilization rate of BGA rework station

It is more and more widely used, so its complexity is also increasing day by day, and the requirements for it are getting higher and higher. The optical alignment BGA rework station is the embodiment of advanced technology. At present, the demand for BGA rework stations in the market is quite high. The usage rate is also increasing in the market.

4. The BGA rework station is easy to operate

The full automation of the optical alignment BGA rework station makes its operation easier to use, and it does not have any advanced technical requirements for the repair personnel. It has one-button operation procedures such as automatic welding, disassembly, placement, and feeding.

5. The BGA rework station has a high success rate

The optical module split prism imaging used in the optical alignment BGA rework station makes its alignment accuracy very accurate. It can accurately align BGA originals of different sizes, and also has intelligent procedures such as welding and disassembly, which effectively improves the productivity and success rate.

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