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The Powerful Advantages of Intelligent X-ray Counter

In the past, in the production process of SMT processing enterprises, the inventory work of electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, triodes, ICs and other electronic components used manual inventory, which was inefficient and time-consuming. Today, with the advancement of technology and changes in market demand, many SMT processing companies have adopted intelligent technology, and X-ray counter machines have successfully stepped in to complete the job. So, what are the advantages of using an X-ray counter machine for spotting compared to manual spotting?

1. Labor cost advantage of X-ray counter machine

In the dispensing process, an automatic X-ray dispensing machine can replace 6 to 8 workers, and anyone can operate it with a little training. Greatly reduces labor costs. In the case of the same amount of tasks, manual material counting requires more manpower and time. From the perspective of labor costs, the x-ray material dispenser can also save costs and improve enterprise efficiency.

2. The working efficiency advantage of X-ray counter machine

Traditional manual dispensing, which takes about 80 seconds per reel, is time-consuming and labor-intensive with low precision. The automatic X-ray counter machine can complete the inventory work of multiple reels at the same time. The counting process for each reel only takes a few seconds. The number of parts is automatically calculated, fast and accurate, and the work efficiency is improved several times.

3. The overall effect of the X-ray counter machine

In the case of heavy workload, manual material ordering is prone to human errors and missing records. Sometimes manual material ordering will not place materials in an orderly manner in order to rush time. Using the X-ray counter machine is not only simple and easy to understand, but also more convenient to make the material products neat and orderly. And the X-ray counter machine automatically spot material, high precision, zero error, can work 24 hours, no need to rest during the work.

To sum up, it is not difficult to see from the above comparison that the automatic X-ray counter machine is more convenient and efficient than manual spotting. Compared to other spotting methods on the market, the first advantage of SMT spotters is that they cannot be compared. It is precisely because of this that since the SMT feeder was successfully put on the market, it has quickly won the welcome and recognition of more and more users, and has brought practical and effective help to the efficiency of modern enterprises. The X-ray counter machine independently developed and produced by SEAMARK can meet the management and counting of electronic components production, shipment, storage, etc., and provide an effective solution for the realization of intelligent production.

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