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Advantages of Online X Ray Inspection Equipment in Inspecting Circuit Board Processing
Soldering is one of the important links in the manufacture of electronic products. In the process of scientific research and development, design trial production, and technological innovation, one or ...
24 Nov,2021
Why Use BGA Rework Station to Weld CPU?
The CPU is called the central processing unit, which is mainly responsible for processing and computing all the data inside the computer. It is the main core component of the computer and occupies a v...
17 Nov,2021
X Ray Counter Machine Makes Electronic Component Management Easier
China is a major consumer of electronic products and a major electronic manufacturing country in the world. We believe that many electronic component companies now need to carry out component inventor...
10 Nov,2021
What are SMD Rework Station and SMD Reel Counter Machine?
What does SMD, CSP, BGA repair mean in electronic maintenance?SMD: surface mount device/surface-mounted electronic componentsIn the manufacturing process of surface-mounted electronic components, ther...
05 Nov,2021
Introduction of the Basic Principles of X Ray Counter Machine
The counter machine, also known as the parts counter, adopts the photoelectric sensor principle, and uses the corresponding relationship between the part carrier tape guide hole and the part to accura...
03 Nov,2021
X-ray Inspection Machine Benefits the Casting Industry
Because there are many process in the castings production , so the continuity is very important. Each process is complex and changeable, any link problems will cause casting defects, seriously affecti...
11 Oct,2021
Application of X-ray Checker in Semiconductor Sealing Test Field
X ray is a well-developed non-destructive testing method, which is widely used in material inspection (IQC), failure analysis (FA), quality control (QC), quality assurance and reliability (QA/REL), re...
04 Oct,2021
How to Maintain the X-ray Inspection System?
The maintenance and repair functions of mechanical equipment are separated, maintenance refers to maintaining the normal performance of machinery, repair refers to the restoration of machine performan...
22 Sep,2021
X-ray Equipment Consists of Three Elements
X ray inspection techniques, often referred to as automatic x ray inspections, are techniques used to examine hidden characteristics of objects or products that use x rays as a source. X ray inspectio...
15 Sep,2021
Five Advantages Make BGA Rework Station Widely Used
Ten years ago bga rework stations were generally operated by traditional hot-air gunners, but today the automated bga rework stations are commonly used. What are the advantages that make bga rework st...
08 Sep,2021
How to Choose BGA Rework Station?
With the wide application of bga chip, including computer motherboard, mobile phone, webcam, memory strip, TV motherboard, communication products and other fields, the demand for bga rework station is...
01 Sep,2021
What are the Features and Options of X-ray Inspection Machines?
With the advent of the artificial intelligence era and the further rise of downstream industries such as 5G consumer electronics and automotive electronics, China will continue to be the world's l...
23 Aug,2021
X-Ray Inspection Equipment Technology is Applicable to a Variety of Automotive Parts and Materials
X-ray inspection equipment uses a cathode ray tube to generate high-energy electrons to impact with a metal target. During the impact, the kinetic energy lost due to the sudden deceleration of the ele...
16 Aug,2021
What Are the Common Casting Defects in X-ray Inspection Equipment?
1. X-ray inspection equipment common defects in castings NO.1: crackingThe appearance of the crack is straight or irregular curve. The surface of the hot crack is strongly oxidized and becomes dark gr...
09 Aug,2021
What Are the Advantages of In-line X-ray Dispense Machines?
In recent years, the overall pressure of the industrial economy has been increasing, the production, logistics and labor costs of various industries have been growing rapidly, resulting in the more co...
02 Aug,2021
Introduction of BGA Rework Station
1. Learn about BGA rework stationWhat is a BGA rework station? To put it simply, BGA is a kind of chip package chip. For example, the south bridge chip of the notebook motherboard is packaged BGA. If ...
26 Jul,2021
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