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What Are the Features and Options of X-ray Inspection Machines?
With the advent of the artificial intelligence era and the further rise of downstream industries such as 5G consumer electronics and automotive electronics, China will continue to be the world's l...
23 Aug,2021
X-Ray Inspection Equipment Technology is Applicable to a Variety of Automotive Parts and Materials
X-ray inspection equipment uses a cathode ray tube to generate high-energy electrons to impact with a metal target. During the impact, the kinetic energy lost due to the sudden deceleration of the ele...
16 Aug,2021
What Are the Common Casting Defects in X-ray Inspection Equipment?
1. X-ray inspection equipment common defects in castings NO.1: crackingThe appearance of the crack is straight or irregular curve. The surface of the hot crack is strongly oxidized and becomes dark gr...
09 Aug,2021
What Are the Advantages of In-line X-ray Dispense Machines?
In recent years, the overall pressure of the industrial economy has been increasing, the production, logistics and labor costs of various industries have been growing rapidly, resulting in the more co...
02 Aug,2021
Introduction of BGA Rework Station
1. Learn about BGA rework stationWhat is a BGA rework station? To put it simply, BGA is a kind of chip package chip. For example, the south bridge chip of the notebook motherboard is packaged BGA. If ...
26 Jul,2021
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