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X-ray Equipment Consists of Three Elements

X-ray inspection techniques often referred to as automatic x-ray inspections, are techniques used to examine hidden characteristics of objects or products that use x rays as a source. X-ray inspection equipment is now widely used in many fields such as medical, industrial control and aerospace and so on. For PCB inspection, x rays are widely used in PCB assembly to test PCB quality. This is one of the most important steps for quality-conscious PCB manufacturers.

In recent years, array packages including BGA and QFN, flip chips and CSP have been widely used in industrial control, communications, military and aerospace fields, making solder joints hidden under packages. This fact makes it impossible for traditional detection equipment to play its perfect role in PCB detection. In addition, traditional inspection methods are not sufficient due to the presence of surface mount technology (SMT) that makes packages and leads smaller because of the higher density of the PCB and the concealed holes in the welds.

X-ray inspection systems have the unique advantage of absorbing materials that are proportional to atomic quantity. All materials absorb x-ray radiation according to their density, atomic number and thickness. In general, materials made from heavier elements absorb more x rays and are easier to image, while materials made from lighter elements are more transparent to x rays. Zhuomao provides professional PCB X-ray inspection equipment for customers to meet the need for inspection.  

1. Three points of X-ray inspection equipment

(1) X-ray tube, producing x rays.

(2) The operating platform moves with the sample in order to examine the sample from different angles and adjust the magnification. You can also perform bevel checks.

(3) The detector captures the x-ray inspection equipment by sample and converts it into an image that the user can understand.

2. The selection of x-ray inspection equipment, must consider the factors

(1) X-ray tube type

Open or closed tube. This type is related to the resolution and life of the x-ray inspection system. The higher the resolution is, the more complex the details that the user sees. If the target of the check is large and you select a device with a lower resolution, it doesn't matter. However, for BGA and CSP, the required resolution is 2 m or less.

(2) Target type

Penetration or reflection. The target type affects the distance between the sample and the x-ray tube focus and ultimately the amplification time of the inspection equipment.

(3) The voltage and power of the X-ray

The penetration capacity of the X-ray tube is proportional to the voltage. When the voltage is high, objects of high density and thickness can be checked. When the target to check is a single panel, you can select a piece of low-voltage equipment. However, high voltage is required when the target to be checked is a multilayer board. For a certain voltage, image clarity is proportional to the power of the x-ray tube.

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