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Seamark Takes You to Understand the X-ray Intelligent Counter Machine

The bill of materials has gone through manual era, semi-automatic era and fully automatic era. There are two types of spotting machines commonly used in the market, one is an ordinary spotting machine, and the other is an X-ray counter machine. The principle of the traditional spotting machine: it uses the principle of photoelectric sensing, and uses the corresponding relationship between the guide hole of the part carrier tape and the part to accurately measure the number of SMD parts, especially for the delivery of materials in outbound processing. It is of great help. Ordinary spotting machine adopts the principle of photoelectric sensor, and uses the corresponding relationship between the guide hole of the part carrier tape and the parts to accurately measure the number of SMD parts, which can realize convenient and fast counting. Based on the original manual era, this dosing machine is easy to use and reduces labor. However, this common ordering machine has a great disadvantage, that is, it is equipped with more manpower, the efficiency is not high, and the ordering time is long.

1. High efficiency of X-ray counter machine

X-rays are penetrating. It can clearly take advantage of the software to instantly count the amount of material on a material pallet. Automated operations save time needed to stock items. On the other hand, it also improves the work efficiency of the enterprise. And it's very convenient to use an X-ray counter, and it doesn't have to be staffed for each device. X-ray counter machine is also called reel counter, it is a necessary equipment for chip electronic components factory. When loading and unloading, it is necessary to calculate the quantity. At this time, using the point function can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Counting machines make managing inventory and piece counting fast, accurate and easy. Save time, effort, and money, all while avoiding the dreaded "stopping the line" situation due to missing components. X-ray counter machine is a new type of pointing equipment produced in response to market demand. It has the advantages of fast point counting efficiency, high accuracy, and test information can be directly uploaded to the MSE system. The fully automatic pointing machine can automatically read barcodes from point counting Information, image acquisition and calculation are finally uploaded to the MSE system, and all work can be completed within 8-12 seconds per disk.

2. Workflow of X-ray counter machine

Before spotting the material, the spotting machine scans the barcode according to the serial number of the tray, and the system automatically matches the corresponding material project for detection. X-ray penetrates the inside of the tray sample, and each sample will form a focal spot under the image image. One focal spot represents a product, and the counting machine counts the number of focal spots to calculate. On this basis, through the recognition method of image processing software, the X-ray counter machine can count the number of graphics representing SMD tray components. So as to get the number of the whole plate of materials.

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