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Key Points for X-ray Inspection Equipment Selection

Seamark is a national high-tech company that specializes in precision X-ray technology research, as well as the development and production of X-ray intelligent inspection equipment. For 16 years, Seamark has specialized in providing advanced intelligent BGA rework stations, X-ray inspection machines, X-ray counting machines, 3D X-ray inspection machines, automatic tin removal equipment, automatic tin rejection machines, laser welding equipment, non-standard automation equipment, and other total solutions, focusing on intelligent welding and intelligent inspection equipment. We will now provide you an outline of everything you need to know about buying X-ray inspection equipment.

1. Clear X-ray inspection equipment requirements

Industries such as aluminum die casting, moulded plastic parts, ceramic products, mechanical components; electronics, such as BGA inspection, LED, SMT, semiconductor, electronic even machine module inspection, packaging components, electrical appliances, automation components, agriculture (seed inspection), 3D printing analysis, and other industries, all use X-ray inspection equipment. Although X-ray inspection equipment can be used in a variety of industries, it is still necessary to specify the requirements in order to find X-ray inspection equipment that matches the products' qualities.

2. X-ray inspection equipment tube selection

The X-ray tube is one of the most important components of X-ray inspection equipment. The X-ray tube can observe through the workpiece to the interior of the investigated goods. The use of a tiltable 60-degree observation, a 360-degree rotation of the carrier table, and color picture navigation allows for exact object detection.

3. X-ray inspection equipment detector selection

The detector and X-ray source are the core components of X-ray inspection equipment. X-ray tube is used to transmit X-rays that can penetrate the product, while the detector is used to receive these X-rays, the level of sensitivity of the display imaging has a vital role.

4. X-ray inspection equipment architecture

The essential part that supports the X-ray inspection equipment is the architecture. This component determines the X-ray inspection equipment's measurement stroke and ease of operation. The X-ray inspection equipment is designed to provide the best possible user experience and is extremely simple to operate and use.

5. X-ray inspection equipment's computer-controlled inspection system

The soul of X-ray inspection equipment is software control. It has preview guide function and automatic positioning function. And it's all done with a mouse and doesn't require cumbersome remote rods and buttons.

6. Brand of X-ray inspection equipment and after-sales service

Choosing a well-known brand on the market ensures that the machine's quality, technology, and after-sales service are all pretty safe. Another consideration is whether the company's after-sales service is prompt, in order to avoid issues later on.

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