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ZM-R7830A Smart Optical BGA Rework Station

ZM-R7830A Smart Optical BGA Rework Station

R7830A is an optical alignment automatic rework equipment.

It also works as laser BGA SMD rework station, multi-language menu interface, automatic feeding device, X/Y AXI machine that can be controlled by joystick, fast and convenient operation, imported high-definition CCD (2 million pixels) optical alignment system, high Precision temperature control sensor system, precise temperature control.

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Functions of R7830A Optical Alignment Automatic Rework Equipment

  • 00 X/Y/Z Axis Automatic Displacement

    The top temperature zone is controlled by the joystick control servo system, which can automatically move and align at fast/slow speed by X/Y/Z Axis.

  • 01 Vacuum Adsorption and Nitrogen Protection

    The top heating head has a built-in vacuum suction nozzle for chip adsorption, electrically controlled 360-degree rotation alignment, with negative pressure monitoring and pressure protection device. The bottom temperature zone adopts a large-area heating wire layout, moves symmetrically with the top temperature zone, and can be connected with nitrogen to prevent PCBA from yellowing.

Features of R7830A Optical Alignment Automatic Rework Equipment

  • Multilingual menu interface

  • Automatic feeding device

  • X/Y axis can be controlled by joystick, operation is quick and convenient

  • Imported high-definition CCD (2m pixels) optical alignment system.

  • High-precision temperature control sensing system.

Specification of R7830A Optical Alignment Automatic Rework Equipment

Power SupplyAC380V±10% 50/60HZ
Power7.15KW(Max), Top heater(1.45KW)                                 Bottom heater (1.2KW), IR Preheater (4KW), Other(0.5KW)
PCB Size565*467mm(Max); 6*6mm(Min)
BGA Chip Size80*80mm(Max); 2*2mm(Min)
IR Heater Size500*380mm
Motion ControlX/Y/Z
Temperature Sensor5 Pcs
Operation Method8" HD touch panel
Control SystemPanasonic PLC + Temperature control module
Display System15" HD industrial display ( 1080P 16:9)
Alignment System2 Million Pixel HD digital imaging system, automatic optical zoom with laser red-dot indicator
Vacuum AdsorptionAutomatic
Alignment Accuracy±0.01mm
Temperature  ControlK-type thermocouple closed-loop control with accuracy up to ±1℃
Feeding DeviceYes
PositioningV-groove with universal fixture

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