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The X-ray Component Counter is Fast and Good

China is a major consumer of electronics and a major electronics manufacturer in the world. In recent years, despite the overall downward pressure on the industrial economy, the electronics manufacturing industry has maintained a good momentum of development. At present, the electronics manufacturing industry will face more severe challenges to survive. The rapid growth of production, logistics and labor costs has led to a sharp rise in enterprise costs, and the increasing requirements of customers for product traceability have increased the difficulty of management to a certain extent.

With the continuous increase of labor costs, manufacturing companies hope to minimize the number of inspectors without affecting production capacity, and the production line will develop in the direction of unmanned driving as soon as possible. The evaluation, procurement and introduction of intelligent x-ray inspection equipment and X-ray counter machines are becoming an increasing concern for SMT plant procurement engineering decision managers. The SMD component x-ray intelligent spotting machine for electronics manufacturing is also called X-ray SMT counting machine, SMT automatic X-ray counter machine, intelligent SMT automatic spotting machine, automatic X-ray counter machine, etc.

1. The X-ray counter machine is fast and easy to use

Maintaining the correct materials and quantities is an important part of the SMT electronics manufacturing process. Often, even among the largest SMT high-volume EMS electronics manufacturing service providers, the sourcing and management of materials is a job that lacks core competencies and is often overlooked.

In the tide of intelligent manufacturing, whether an electronic manufacturing factory has an intelligent and accurate X-ray counter machine is an important part of building a new smart factory with high efficiency, high quality and low cost. The powerful function of the intelligent SMT automatic feeding machine, the material does not require manual intervention, and completely solves the pain point of the traditional operation of the factory, which is highly dependent on labor and time-consuming. Smart X-ray counter machines realize true Industry 4.0 and can be connected to MES systems, while WMS systems build smart warehouses that allow businesses to grow quickly and efficiently!

2. The difference between X-ray counter machine and traditional mechanical spotting machine

(1) SMT processing has always been a difficult problem. A large number of electronic material trays need to be found quickly and accurately. If the manual operation is a very complex process, it will not only take time and effort, but also increase labor costs.

(2) Traditional material counting method: The electronic scale divides the weight by the weight of a single product to obtain an approximate material quantity. The disadvantage is that there will be a certain error in the number, and the number of pallets cannot be accurately calculated, which will affect the accuracy of the number of points.

(3) Currently, there are X-ray counter machines on the market, which use X-rays to penetrate samples and analyze and count the number of samples. No need to disassemble, simply place the tray in the area to be examined and the X-rays pass through the imaging focus. Counting the number of products and storing the images can effectively solve the problems of complex structure, low sampling efficiency and high point accuracy.

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