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How to Choose Between Online and Offline X-Ray Inspection Equipment?

Offline x-ray inspection equipment is generally standard and suitable for sampling inspection, with a certain level of manual involvement

When using offline x-ray inspection equipment, it is necessary to inspect each spot weld to determine whether it is qualified. The equipment is equipped with manual or computerized rotation assistance devices for better inspection and imaging. Of course, it also has CNC automatic programming steps. Detailed defined standards or visual inspection icons can guide the evaluation of images. Generally, visual inspection requires training of operators and is sometimes prone to errors. In addition, manual equipment is not suitable for inspecting all welds and is only suitable for process identification and process failure analysis.

Online inspection online x-ray inspection equipment is suitable for matching customer production lines to achieve 100% inspection

The fully automatic x-ray inspection system can inspect all spot welds. The programming defines manual testing standards, and the detection efficiency of the fully automatic system is much higher than that of offline x-ray equipment. Automated inspection systems are generally used for production equipment with high production capacity and fewer types. They are also used for automatic inspection of high-value or reliable commodities. The inspection results are delivered to the circuit board for repair with maintenance personnel. These results can also provide relevant statistical data to improve the production process.

Automatic inspection systems require setting the correct inspection parameters. Most new system software has test indicators but must be redeveloped to meet unique factors in the production process. Otherwise, incorrect information may be displayed, reducing the reliability of the system.

Choose the right x ray inspection equipment to meet the specific manufacturing applications of the enterprise. Choosing a cost-effective x-ray inspection system to meet quality control is a crucial task. With the development of the electronics manufacturing industry, advanced high-resolution x-ray equipment has achieved defect inspection and analysis at the micron level and brought a more comprehensive and time-saving solution to quality problems (including welding defects) hidden on the production line.

Before deciding to purchase an x-ray inspection system, you must understand the minimum resolution required by the system and then determine the general price of the required system. Of course, when purchasing, we should also pay attention to factors such as equipment placement and personnel allocation.

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