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Factors That Companies Need to Consider when Choosing X-ray Inspection Equipment

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, all types of intelligent electronic devices are being upgraded towards miniaturization and high-end, which puts forward higher requirements for the circuit assembly and production of equipment. Many companies use the X-ray inspection system to test the quality stability of SMT components to ensure product quality. A suitable X-ray inspection system can help companies to better complete their production tasks. Therefore, how to choose an X-ray inspection system suitable for production needs?

1. Determine production requirements and select the suitable X-ray inspection system

The X-ray inspection system is widely used. Different X-ray inspection systems can complete BGA inspection, LED, SMT, semiconductor, electronic connector modules, automation components, packaging components, electrical and mechanical components, aluminum die casting, molding plastic parts, ceramic products and other different testing requirements. We should first determine the production requirements, and then choose a suitable X-ray inspection system based on the production demand.

2. Choose high-quality center components for the X-ray inspection system

The X-ray tube is the most central component of the X-ray inspection system. X-ray inspection equipment accurately inspects the object through the X-rays generated by the X-ray tube. In general, the X-ray tube used in X-ray inspection equipment is collected externally. When purchasing, it should be noted that the image receiving device of the X-ray inspection system can capture the X-ray passing through the template and convert it into an image. A high-quality image receiving device can make the image clearer and detect BGA solder spot defects and casting cracks more accurately.

3. X-ray inspection system framework and control system

When purchasing an X-ray inspection system, you should check whether its framework is designed according to user experience and whether it can provide better convenience for user operation. The control system is the soul of the X-ray inspection system. When purchasing, it is more useful to choose a device with a preview guide function, an automatic positioning inspection function, and a flexible mouse.

4. X-ray inspection system brand and after-sales service

In the purchase of the X-ray inspection system, you should pay attention to the brand. Products with a strong brand have guarantees in quality and skills. At the same time, it is also necessary to know if the brand has good after-sales service to avoid affecting the maintenance and repair of equipment in the future.

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