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ZM-R9000 Super Large Board Disassembly Preheating Platform

ZM-R9000 Super Large Board Disassembly Preheating Platform

R9000 super large preheating platform is suitable for the rework of surface mounting devices for 5G and other large servers. And this BGA rework station is suitable for the rework of 5G servers and large server mainboards.

As one of the top BGA Rework Station suppliers in China, Seamark ZM is famous for its rich technical force, complete detection means, reliable product quality, full service. If you want to know some different types of BGA repair machines and to get a perfect kind of repair machine for your factory, please contact Seamark ZM first.

Functions of R9000 Super Large Board Disassembly Preheating Platform

  • 01 Independent Dual-heating Zone Temperature Control System

    R9000 can be heated from the top of the components, supplemented by large-area infrared heating, can quickly solder various SMD surface mount rework station, freely select through software for top or bottom heating alone, and freely combine the top and bottom heating energy, which can be quickly preheated to the specified temperature, and the external temperature measurement interface produced by Zhuomao can realize the precise temperature detection, and analyze and calibrate the temperature curve of the actually collected rework devices in real-time.

  • 02 Soldering Flux Smoke Extraction System

    Equipped with a high-power silent smoke extraction system, the flux volatile gas generated during the PCBA rework process can be extracted and discharged in time.

  • 03 Temprature Control

    R9000 temperature control adopts high-precision controller, K-type thermocouple closed-loop control and smart temperature compensation system. The bottom and sides of the heating table are equipped with heat dissipation system, which can control the temperature curve more accurately. The top heating device is designed independently, and the alignment point and heating point are manually controlled to achieve fixed-point heating.

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