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hot air bga rework station

ZM-R5860 Hot Air BGA Rework Station

ZM-R5860 Hot Air BGA Rework Station is a kind of rework station provided by Zhuomao, which has three temperature zone Independently control, convection hot air heating, lower temperature zone height-adjustable, high-precision autonomous control system, high-precision K-type thermocouple with accuracy up to ± 3 ℃, dynamic APR multi-loop closed-loop control selective reflow process. Imported high power constant current integrated cooling fan.

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Functions of Zhuomao ZM R5860 Smart BGA Rework Equipment

  • 01 Temperature Curve Setting

    High-definition touch screen operation, real-time display and, editing of temperature curves, each group of temperature curves can be set to 8 segments, 100 groups of temperature curves can be stored, with temperature self-organizing function.

  • 02 Laser Red-dot Positioning Guide

    Laser indicator for PCB and component positioning.

  • 03 Vacuum Adsorption

    The external vacuum suction pen is convenient for taking BGA.

Specification of Seamark ZM-R5860 Hot Air BGA Rework Station

Power Supply AC220V±10%  50/60HZ
Power 5.0KW(Max),Top heater(0.8KW)                                 Bottom heater (1.2KW),IR Preheater (2.7KW),Other(0.3KW)
PCB Size 410*370mm(Max); 10*10mm(Min)
BGA Chip Size 40*40mm(Max); 10*10mm(Min)
IR Heater Size 375*285mm
Temperature Sensor 1 pcs
Operation Method 7" HD touch screen
Control System Autonomous heating control system V1(software copyright)
Alignment System Laser dot
Vacuum Adsorption Manual
Temperature  Control K-type thermocouple closed-loop control with accuracy up to ±3℃
Positioning V-groove with universal fixture
Dimensions L635*W620*H655mm
Weight 43.5KG

Principle And Operation Mode Of Seamark ZM R5860 BGA Machine

The Seamark ZM R5860 BGA Machine is a rework station used for soldering and desoldering ball grid array (BGA) components on printed circuit boards(PCBs).BGA components are a type of surface-mount packaging used for integrated circuits.

Seamark ZM R5860 BGA Machine is based on the hot air rework technique. lt uses precisely controlled hot air to melt the solderballs of the BGA component allowing it to be removed or replaced without damaging the PCB or the component itself. The machine also uses a vision alignment system to accurately align the BGA component with the PCB.

The Seamark ZM R5860 BGA Machine allows for precise control over the temperature and airflow, ensuring a reliable and high-quality soldering/desoldering process. lt is suitable for use with a wide range of BGA components and PCBs.

The operation mode of the Seamark ZMR5860 BGA Machine involves several steps:


The PCB is preheated to a suitable temperature to prevent thermal shock to the board when the hot air is applied.


The BGA component is accurately aligned with the PCB using the machine's vision alignment system.


Hot air is applied to the BGA component to melt the solder balls. For desoldering, the component can then be removed. For soldering. the component is placed on the PCB and the solder is allowed to cool and solidify , creating a strong electrical and mechanical connection.


The PCB is cooled down to room temperature in a controlled manner to prevent thermal stress and warping.

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