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What Products Can X-ray Inspection Equipment Detect?

X-RAY inspection machine is widely used in the industrial field, mainly including electronic products, electronic components, semiconductor components, connectors, plastic parts, BGA, LED, IC chips, SMT, CPU, heating wire, capacitors, integrated circuits , circuit boards, lithium batteries, ceramics, castings, medical, food, etc.

1. Introduction of products that can be detected by X-RAY inspection machine

(1) X-RAY inspection machine equipment can be used to detect whether there are cracks and foreign objects in some metal materials and their parts, electronic components or LED components.

(2) It can be detected and analyzed whether there is displacement inside the BGA, circuit board, etc.

(3) It can be used to detect and judge whether there are defects such as disconnection in BGA welding such as empty welding and virtual welding.

(4) It can detect and analyze the internal conditions of cables, plastic parts, microelectronic systems and sealing components.

(5) It is used to detect whether there are bubbles, cracks, etc. in ceramics in castings.

(6) Check the IC package for defects, such as whether there is layer peeling, whether there is a burst phenomenon, whether there is a void, etc.

(7) The application in the printing industry is mainly reflected in whether there will be poor alignment, bridging, open circuit, etc. during the production of the circuit board.

(8) The X-ray inspection system is mainly used to detect whether there are voids in the solder joints in SMT.

(9) In the integrated circuit, it is mainly to detect whether there are open circuits, short circuits or abnormal connections in various connection lines.

2. X-RAY inspection machine detection steps

We found that the X-RAY inspection equipment is used in such a wide range, but when using the X-RAY inspection machine equipment, it is also necessary to understand what the scientific inspection steps are.

(1) First, confirm the type of the sample, or the testing location of the material and the testing requirements.

(2) Send the sample to the X-RAY detection station.

(3) After the detection, analyze the formed image.

(4) Mark the problem location and the type of problem.

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