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gas chromatography and mass spectrometry

Gas Chromatography-mass Spectrometer GC-MS 7200

1、 Features of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for sale

1. High performance turbo molecular pump with large pumping speed is adopted, and the ion source, quadrupole and detector are separated into two independent chambers to maintain an excellent vacuum environment for quadrupole and detector, minimize the ion loss at quadrupole, reduce background interference, and improve detection sensitivity and stability.

2. MS 7220, quality range 1.5-1250amu, leading in the industry. It can meet the requirements for detection of large molecular weight samples such as polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers.

3. High sensitivity. Anypu 7700 GCMS 1pg octafluoronaphthalene m/z272 has a signal-to-noise ratio of 800:1, and the detection limit of the instrument is better than 10fg, reaching the level of imported instruments.

4. The electronic pressure accuracy of gas chromatography is 0.01 psi, the temperature control accuracy is 0.1 ℃, the high-precision quadrupole and the long-life electronic multiplier jointly guarantee that the repeatability of retention time is better than 0.02%, and the repeatability of peak area is better than 1%, which is world-class.

5. With the synchronous scanning function, scan and sim data can be obtained at the same time in one injection test to improve the analysis efficiency; With the function of alternate scanning, scan and sim can be conducted alternately to expand the analysis function.

6. Turn off the filament and electron multiplier at the middle time of operation to avoid the solvent or other substances that are easy to saturate at the middle time.

7. Cylindrical ion source lens set, pin electrode, easy to disassemble, easy to clean and maintain, ceramic insulation components, uniform temperature, high temperature resistance, super clean, up to 350 ℃, high temperature baking, anti pollution. The voltage state feedback of the ion source lens is convenient for viewing.

8. It has an ion source observation window, which can visually judge the filament status. Integrated control of mass spectrometer and gas chromatograph in Chinese; One button shutdown; Chromatographic flow monitoring; Gas chromatography cutoff, mass spectrometry ion source, transmission line automatic cooling protection; The rotational speed and current of the molecular pump are monitored in real time, and abnormal prompts are given.

9. 24 bit and 152 bit liquid automatic samplers can be configured, which are compatible with thermal analysis, headspace, purging and trapping of mainstream manufacturers.

2、 Industrial applications of gas chromatography instrument

Phthalates (PAEs), polybrominated biphenyls (PBDE), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), azo dyes (AZO), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), C10-13 short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCP), etc.

3、Product Overview

3.1. Operating environment

3.1.1 Ambient temperature: 18-35 ℃, within 2 ° temperature fluctuation;

3.1.2 Relative humidity: ≤ 80%;

3.1.3 Applicable power supply: 220V (± 10%), 50Hz (± 2%), ≥ 3000W.

3.2 Mass spectrum

3.2.1 Ion source ★ Sensitivity: EI sensitivity: 1 pg OFN S/N 800:1 or above, IDL is better than 20fg octafluoronaphthalene; Ion source material: inert ceramic ion source with double filaments;; Ionization energy: 10-100ev; Interface temperature: 100 ℃ - 350 ℃ adjustable, with accuracy better than 0.1 ℃. The mass spectrometer controls the temperature automatically, and does not occupy the auxiliary heating area of the gas chromatograph; Ion source temperature: 150 ℃ - 350 ℃;

3.2.2 Quality analyzer Quality analyzer: high-precision metal quadrupole with preset pole; Quadrupole temperature: quality stability can be guaranteed without temperature control; ★ Quality range: 1.5-1250 amu, software can be completely set and tested; Stability of mass shaft: better than 0.10 amu/48 hrs; ★ Scanning mode: full scanning, selective ion monitoring, full scanning and selective ion synchronous monitoring, alternating scanning;

3.2.3 Detector Detector: long life 13 level discontinuous tap electron multiplier; Maximum scanning speed: 10000 amu/s, adjustable in the whole process; Dynamic range: 106; ★ Peak area reproducibility < 2% RSD;

3.2.4 ★ Vacuum system: mechanical pump pumping speed ≥ 4m ³/ h; Equipped with high-performance turbo molecular pump with pumping speed of 250L/s;

3.2.5 ★ The maximum allowable chromatographic column flow is 5ml/min.

3.2.6 Maintainable parts: removable ion source, filament, lens, pre quadrupole and detector;

3.3 Gas chromatograph parameters;

3.3.1 Column box Temperature range: above room temperature5 ˚ C~450 ˚ C; Temperature stability; When the ambient temperature changes 1 ˚ C, better than 0.01 ˚ C; Temperature programmed: 6-stage 7-platform; Heating speed: the maximum heating speed is 120 ˚ C/min or above; Fast cooling time: from 300 ˚ C--50 ˚ C is less than 5 minutes;

3.3.2 Split/non split capillary column injection port; Maximum service temperature 400 ˚ C; Pressure setting range: 0~100 psi, control accuracy: 0.01 psi; ★ The injection port has pulse pressure; ★ Flow control: electronic air circuit control with constant current, constant pressure, program flow, program pressure and other modes; Except for the column box, there shall be no less than 6 heating and temperature control areas, and the maximum temperature can reach 400 ˚ C; 24 position and 152 position liquid automatic samplers can be configured. ★ Retention time reproducibility < 0.02%.

3.4 Software method:

3.4.1 ★ Integrated control of mass spectrometer and gas chromatograph in Chinese; The synchronous scanning function can obtain scan and sim data at the same time for one injection test, improving the analysis efficiency; The alternate scanning function can be performed alternately by scan and sim to expand the analysis function.

3.4.2 ★ A time interval can be set during operation to turn off the filament and the electron multiplier to protect the filament. The electron multiplier can avoid solvents that peak at the middle time or other substances that are easy to saturate.

3.4.3 ★ The software can automatically select and group the characteristic ions of the target compound according to the data obtained from the full scan, and save them in the analysis method without manual input;

3.4.4 Manual/automatic tuning, data acquisition, quantitative analysis and spectral library retrieval functions, and analysis result report output;

3.4.5 Automatic shutdown;

3.4.6 Chromatographic flow monitoring; Gas chromatography is cut off, mass spectrometry ion source and transmission line are automatically cooled and protected, and mass spectrometry is stopped;

3.4.7 The rotational speed and current of the molecular pump are monitored in real time and abnormal prompts are given.

3.4.8 ★ There is no limit to the number of groups of ion mode detection (SIM), and each group can select up to 100 ions.

4、 Equipment accessories

4.1 Standard accessories

Single quadrupole mass spectrometer

Model: 7220, including workstation software.

Gas chromatograph

Sample inlet at capillary

chromatographic column



Win10 dual core 4G and above 64 bit memory system

Front vacuum pump


High purity helium, pressure reducing valve


24/152 position liquid automatic sampler


4.2 Pretreatment equipment configuration (different standard configurations in the application industry will be adjusted)

The ultrasonic generator


Electronic balance




Organic extraction reagent


4.3 Configuration of peripheral equipment

Color printer




Ups voltage regulator


5、 Technical support and after-sales service

1. The product is guaranteed for 12 months, with lifelong maintenance

2. Provide customers with considerate technical support services before, during and after sales.

3. Pre sales consultation: pay attention to customer application needs, provide reasonable and professional solutions, and invite customers to experience operation on site.

4. On site installation training for professional engineers, training contents: background of hazardous substances, instrument operation to report, daily maintenance and cleaning of instruments, laboratory operation specifications and waste liquid treatment, sample classification and rating.

5. Operation training: provide a complete product manual, with pictures and videos, professional after-sales WeChat official account, and hold a training class every 1-3 months. Customers can receive professional training at home for free.

6. Customer return visit: visit customers quarterly to listen to their suggestions and help them solve problems encountered in the actual operation.

7. Service response: 4-hour response, 24-hour problem solving or standby instrument use.

8. Upgrade service: provide customers with free software upgrade service for life.

Comprehensively provide detection and control scheme services to respond to various environmental protection instructions, which can provide unlimited scalability.

According to the user's needs and specific requirements of controlled materials, combined with the technical characteristics of analytical instruments, the instrument analysis means are incorporated into the user's quality management system to provide the user with the best detection scheme and assist in the establishment of material acceptance standards; It also provides risk analysis methods for special materials.

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