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The Main Reasons for the Inaccurate Material Count of the X Ray Component Counter

1. Workflow of the X-RAY reel counter

Before counting, the X-RAY reel counter scans the barcode according to the serial number of the material tray, and then the system will automatically match the corresponding material project for testing. The X-RAY can penetrate inside the reel sample, and each sample forms a focal spot under the image. Each focal spot represents a product, and the reel counter calculates by counting the number of focal spots. On this basis, we can count the number of graphics representing SMD tray components through the identification method of image processing software to obtain the number of materials in the whole reel.

2. Advantages of X-RAY reel counter

Bill of Materials has gone through the manual era, the semi-automatic era, and the full-automatic era. The two types of reel counters in the market are the normal reel counter and the X-RAY reel counter. The normal reel counter adopts the photoelectric sensor principle and uses the corresponding relationship between the carrier tape guide hole and the parts to accurately measure the number of SMD parts, which can achieve convenient and fast counting.

Based on the original manual era, this reel counter is easy to use and reduces labor. However, the normal reel counter has great defects. It is not efficient since it is required more labor, and it takes a long time to order. The X-RAY reel counter has high efficiency and penetrating effect. It can clearly take advantage of the software to instantly calculate the material quantity on the reel. The automatic operation saves time on stock items. In addition, it improves the work efficiency of the enterprise. Also, it is convenient to use the X-RAY reel counter and there is no need to allocate staff for each device.

Compared with manual counting, the X-RAY reel counter has better accuracy. It can effectively improve work efficiency and save labor costs at the same time.

3. Analysis of the main reasons for the inaccurate material count of the X-RAY reel counter

If the disk of material bonding is too dense, it will lead to the inaccuracy of the X-RAY reel counter. Also, the stacking of materials and the multiple layers of materials will cause the inaccuracy of the X-RAY reel counter.

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