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Introduction of BGA Rework Station

1. Learn about BGA rework station

What is a BGA rework station? To put it simply, BGA is a kind of chip package chip. For example, the south bridge chip of the notebook motherboard is packaged BGA. If the production line of BGA is not ideal, you need to use the equipment for maintenance. Computer individual market after-sales maintenance involves the south bridge, north bridge welding and short circuit failure, in which this BGA rework station equipment need to be engaged.

2. Classification of BGA rework station

It can be divided into optical alignment and non-optical alignment. Optical alignment is imaged by spectroscopic prisms through optical modules; non-optical alignment is based on PCB screen printing lines and dots, aligning BGA with the naked eye, thus achieving alignment repair. Intelligent operation of the equipment for visual alignment, welding and disassembly of BGA rework station originals of different sizes can effectively improve the productivity of the repair rate and greatly reduce costs.

3. The price of BGA rework platform

The cost of the BGA rework platform can be seen immediately. According to the customer's budget, whether to buy imported BGA rework platform or domestic BGA rework platform can be seen after a comparison query. For example, the imported BGA repair platform brand is more expensive ($30,880 and above), the Chinese high-end brand is both high-quality and affordable. Many users, when choosing our intelligent BGA rework platform, believe that the BGA rework platform of the same price is more stable and expensive. Whether the BGA rework station is optical or not determines the equipment's price directly. The market price of optical BGA rework tables is around $20,880 to $77,200, while the non-optical machines are $150 to $1,500 in general. Optical BGA rework stations are simpler to operate and have a higher rework success rate.

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