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XB8200 X-Ray Lithium Battery Inspection Series

XB8200 is mainly used for automatic online detection of positive and negative alignment during the production of square polymer soft pack batteries. 

The battery X-Ray inspection system is based on the fully automatic optical detection developed on the basis of image detection technology system. Obtain image information, automatically measure the alignment deviation between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, automatically select bad products, and automate the entire testing process.

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Features of XB8200 X-ray Lithium Battery Inspection Machine

  • Automatic measurement of battery positive and negative alignment.

  • Automatically discriminate good products and bad products, and sort bad products automatically.

  • High detection efficiency, built-in two sets of manipulators alternate movement, to achieve high-speed online detection.

  • The doors related to the product optics are equipped with an interlock function, and the industrial X-Ray machine cannot work without closing any door.

  • The inlet and outlet can be connected to the production line.

  • By storing bad battery picture information in real time, historical records can be traced.

  • Save the inspection image and the original image at same time, and save the inspection data in a table for easy viewing and analysis.

  • It is easy to change the product model, and the different models can be changed and debugged quickly, usually in 10-20 minutes.

Specification of XB8200 X-Ray Lithium Battery Inspection Series

X-Ray Tube Source Specification
Tube TypeReflective Sealed Micro-Focus X-Ray Source
Voltage90 KV
Operating Voltage Range40-90KV
Operating Current Range10-200 μA
Max Output Power8 W
Micro Focus Spot Size5-15μm

Flat Panel Detector Specification
Flat-panel TypeCMOS flat panel detector
Pixel Matrix1172×1100
Field of View58mm×54mm
A/D Conversion Bit14bits

Input Power220V  10A  50-60HZ
Net WeightApprox  1550KG

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