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X-ray Point Feeder is Faster and More Efficient with Fast and Accurate Points

SMD component x-ray chip counter for electronics manufacturing is also known as X-ray SMT counter, SMT automatic X-ray spotting counting machine, intelligent SMT automatic spotting machine, automatic x-ray counter, etc. called. Maintaining the correct materials and quantities is an important part of the SMT electronics manufacturing process. Often, even at the highest SMT high-volume EMS electronics manufacturing service providers, sourcing and managing materials is a job that lacks core competencies and is often overlooked.

SMT chip processing has always been a difficult problem for material ordering. A large number of electronic material trays want to be fast and accurate. If it is done manually, it is a very complicated process, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also increases labor costs. The traditional electronic weighing scale of the dispenser obtains the approximate material quantity by dividing the weight by the weight of the single product. The disadvantage is that there will be a certain error in the number, and the number of discharge trays cannot be accurately calculated, thereby affecting the accuracy of the material.

At present, x-ray chip counters appear on the market, which use X-rays to penetrate samples and analyze and count the number of samples without dismantling, just put the material tray into the area to be detected, and the X-rays calculate the product through the imaging focus and can store images, which can effectively solve the problems of complex structure, low point efficiency, etc., and the point accuracy is high. The x-ray chip counter is an off-line X-Ray Counting System with beautiful appearance and full sense of technology, which can cover all RC materials and IC materials. It can realize fast counting and inventory of various types of material trays.

1. Product description of X-RAY reel counter

(1) It can quickly and accurately detect materials such as moisture-sensitive bags in feed trays.

(2) The built-in high-definition display is convenient for employees to operate and reduce the working space.

(3) Equipped with fingerprint recognition and energy monitoring system, automatic coding and fool-proof labeling.

(4) Automatic statistical output of material point data, supporting docking with ERP, MES and WMS systems.

2. Application fields of X-RAY reel counter

X-ray chip counter is mainly used in semiconductor, SMT, DIP, electronic component inspection, covering IC, BGA, CSP, flip chip and other package types inspection, can also be used in auto parts, aluminum die-casting modules, LED, battery, photovoltaic industry and special industries such as molded plastics and ceramic products.

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