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X-ray Device for Efficient Sensor Selection

The sensor in the x-ray inspection equipment is an indispensable device in the industrial automation production line equipment, which is the chain of the mechanical system and the control system. The production line equipment system feeds motion parameters and operating states to the control system through sensors, and the control system sends out instructions to drive the mechanical system through sensor feedback signals and data, its importance is self-evident. Sensors are equivalent to various sensory organs of the human body, and the equipment control system needs to determine: the location of the mechanism, the presence or absence of products, the accuracy of products, etc. It is an important parameter process for monitoring and controlling the process.

Based on its use, the most common main uses of sensors in production line equipment are the following: to detect various physical quantities such as presence or absence, position, contour, speed, temperature, etc.; based on their detection methods, the commonly used sensors in industrial automation devices are roughly as follows: Magnetic switch, proximity switch, photoelectric switch, optical fiber sensor, grating, displacement sensor, pressure sensor, electrothermal, laser sensor, encoder, etc.; According to the type of output model, sensors can be roughly divided into three types: switch output, analog output type and digital output. The switch is output by two sensors: one is normally open type (NO) and one is normally closed (NC). The three-wire sensor output from the switch is usually two output systems: NPN and PNP, that is, low-level output and high-level output. Usually, the input and output interface of the controller produced and used in China - the PLC interface or the input and output card interface of the industrial control computer - receives the NPN type output signal. Of course, NPN-type and PNP-type outputs can also be converted to each other through relays.

1. X-ray inspection equipment needs to consider the following three issues when selecting sensors

(1) Sensor detection requirements and conditions in x-ray inspection equipment, characteristics of the measurement target, measurement purpose, measurement range, measurement frequency, etc.

(2) Sensor performance, sensor detection accuracy, response speed, output signal type, etc.

(3) Working conditions, mainly refers to the use environment and connection environment of sensors with other devices.

Due to the wide range of sensors, such as industrial production, cosmic development, marine detection, environmental protection, resource survey, medical diagnosis, bioengineering, and even cultural relics protection. Due to its large market application, large productivity, promoting transformation and replacing traditional industries, the process of effectively detecting sensors has become the highest priority.

2. X-ray inspection equipment has high penetration characteristics and can pass through many substances that are opaque to visible light

This invisible radiation can cause visible fluorescence of many solid materials, make photographic film photosensitive, and ionize air. The high-quality inspection effect of x-ray inspection equipment is not only suitable for sensor inspection, but also for BGA, CSP, flip-chip inspection, semiconductor, packaging components, electronic connector module inspection, printed circuit board solder joint inspection, ceramic products, solar cells Plate battery industry and other special industries. For large circuit boards and large panels (free modules), numerical control programming can be automatically detected with high repeatability.

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