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The Selection and Application of X Ray Inspection Machine

1. Selection method of X ray inspection equipment

(1) First clarify the requirements

X ray inspection equipment is widely used in industry, such as: aluminum die castings, molded plastic parts, ceramic products, mechanical parts; electronics industry, such as: BGA inspection, LED, SMT, semiconductor, inspection of electronic connected machine modules, packaged components, electrical appliances, automation components, 3D printing analysis of agriculture (seed detection) and other industries. Although X ray inspection machines can be used in many industries, it is still necessary to clarify your own needs before you can find X ray inspection equipment that meets your product characteristics.

(2) X ray tube

One of the core components of X ray inspection equipment is the X ray tube. It can be known from the principle of X ray tube that it can observe the inside of the inspected object through the workpiece. You can tilt 60 degrees for observation and the object carrying platform can be rotated 360 degrees. The color image navigation is used to accurately detect the object to be measured.

(3) Detector

Detectors and X ray sources are the core components of X ray inspection equipment, and their importance is self-evident. X ray tubes are used to emit X rays that can penetrate products, while detectors are used to receive these X rays. The level of its sensitivity plays a crucial role in the imaging of the display.

(4) Machine architecture

The architecture is the main part that supports the X ray inspection equipment. This part determines the measuring stroke of the X ray inspection equipment and its convenience of use. The X ray inspection equipment is designed according to the user's optimal experience, so it is very convenient for the users to use.

(5) Check the software and the control system of the computer

Software control is the soul of X ray inspection equipment. Choose equipment with a preview guide function, automatic positioning and viewing function. It will be more practical to achieve complete mouse operation, without cumbersome joystick plus button.

(6) Brand and after-sales service

Choose a common brand in the market, so quality, technology, and after-sales will be relatively more secure. Another point is to know whether the company's after-sales service is timely to avoid later problems.

2. Application of X ray inspection equipment

With the rise of intelligent terminal equipment and intelligent automotive electronic products, the miniaturization of packaging, the high density of assembly and various new packaging technologies are constantly pursuing perfection, and the proportion of X ray inspection equipment used to detect quality in circuit assembly becomes increasingly bigger.

Others such as automatic optical inspection, ICT needle bed test, functional test (FCT), ray inspection technology of x-ray inspection machine are widely used in SMT, LED, BGA, CSP flip chip inspection, and inspection in semiconductor, packaging components, lithium battery industry, electronic components, auto parts, photovoltaic industry, aluminium die-casting mould castings, moulded plastics, ceramic products and other special industries.

After the development of electronic components in the direction of refinement, miniaturization and complexity, many enterprises engaged in electronic manufacturing usually choose X ray inspection equipment as a strong support for enterprise inspection in order to reduce product defects and ensure the yield rate of quality products.

This trend is not necessarily due to the need for PCB assemblies to become smaller, but rather because new designs employ substantially more ball grid arrays (BGAs) and other devices that hide solder connections, such as quad flat no-leads package (QFN) and pillar grid array (LGA). These types of devices typically offer some performance and cost advantages over larger leaded packages, so the trend toward smaller and denser packages is likely to continue. X-ray inspection equipment produced by industrial x-ray machine manufacturers is bound to continue to be overwhelming.

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