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Why X-ray Chip Counters Are Small Cost-saving Champions for Enterprises?

With the development of the electronic industry, inventory of electronic materials has become a cumbersome task for many manufacturers. In such conditions, intelligent chip counters can help manufacturers efficiently carry out material inventory work. So, what makes the efficiency of the X-RAY chip counter so high?

Working principle of X-RAY chip counter

The main function of the X-RAY chip counter is to count components. The equipment uses X-ray technology to complete the corresponding material counting work for the enterprise's production. This equipment will calculate according to the guide holes and the relationship between components of the component carrier. As the equipment continuously develops in the electronics manufacturing industry, it can be said that it is quite useful. The existence of this equipment brings greater assistance to production automation.

Although the principle looks simple, there are still many components involved, including cabinets, lead-lined shielded rooms, controllers, square material boxes, lifting devices, X-ray sources, and so on. With the joint action of these devices, the components can be identified through image processing software to achieve counting the number of related materials and components, and this chip counter provides guarantee for the automation of SMT patch processing.

It is precisely because of the mature working method of the X-RAY counter that the advantages of this counting device are also highlighted. The appearance of this dispenser has effectively solved the problems of long time and low accuracy of traditional counting methods. By using smart chip counters that utilize X-rays, it can significantly improve the problem of missing materials and losing materials without manual intervention. This saves costs, improves production efficiency, and promotes the progress of production automation.

X-RAY chip counter versus traditional mechanical dispensers

SMT patch processing has always been a challenge, and it is a complicated process if you want to quickly and accurately count a large number of electronic materials. Dependence on manual operation is a very time-consuming and energy-consuming process, which increases a lot of labor costs.

With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, having an intelligent X-RAY automatic component dispenser is a key to building a new intelligent factory with high efficiency, high quality, and low cost. The powerful feature of intelligent SMT automatic chip counter is that material inventory does not require manual intervention, effectively solving the pain points of traditional factory operations that rely heavily on manual labor, are time-consuming, and inaccurate.

The X-RAY chip counter improves work efficiency and reduces costs

Compared with the traditional mechanical dispenser, the X-RAY counter machine counts materials faster, greatly reducing the counting time, avoiding unnecessary labor, and can assist other personnel in collecting or changing wires, shortening the downtime. In terms of product packaging, the package does not need to be opened, which can maintain the integrity of the materials and does not affect the moisture resistance of the components.

So, above is the related content of why the X-RAY chip counter is a small helper for enterprises to save costs. We hope it will be helpful to you. Contact us at Seamark for more information!

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