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ZM-R7220A Infrared BGA Rework Station

ZM-R7220A Infrared BGA Rework Station

ZM-R7220A SMD infrared BGA rework station is an intelligent BGA rework station with real-time temperature monitoring, optical alignment system, rapid heating, and cooling.

As an infrared soldering station manufacturer, Zhuomao promises to produce products with high quality and the infrared BGA rework soldering station price is very affordable and reasonable.

Functions of R7220A Optical Alignment Rework Equipment

  • 00 Real-time Temperature Monitoring

    Real-time temperature display, with automatic curve analysis function.

  • 01 Optical Alignment System

    High-definition CCD (2m pixels) digital imaging, automatic optical zoom system, manual control and laser red-dot alignment.

  • 02 Rapid heating and cooling

    The IR preheating zone is heated by a medium wave ceramic infrared heating plate, a multi-functional movable PCB fixing bracket, and a BGA bottom support frame. Laminar integrated cooling fan.

Specification of R7220A Optical Alignment Rework Equipment

Power SupplyAC220V±10%  50/60HZ
Power5.65KW(Max),Top heater(1.45KW)                                 Bottom heater (1.2KW),IR Preheater (2.7KW),Other(0.3KW)
PCB Size412*370mm(Max);6*6mm(Min)
BGA Chip Size60*60mm(Max);2*2mm(Min)
IR Heater Size285*375mm
Temperature Sensor1 pcs
Operation Method7" HD touch screen
Control SystemAutonomous heating control system V2(software copyright)
Display System15" SD industrial display (720P front screen)
Alignment System2 Million Pixel SD digital imaging system, automatic optical zoom with laser  red-dot indicator
Vacuum AdsorptionAutomatic
Alignment Accuracy±0.02mm
Temperature  ControlK-type thermocouple closed-loop control with accuracy up to ±3℃
Feeding DeviceNo
PositioningV-groove with universal fixture

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