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Five Advantages Make BGA Rework Station Widely Used

Ten years ago BGA rework stations were generally operated by traditional hot-air gunners, but today the automated BGA rework stations are commonly used. What are the advantages that make BGA rework stations widely available, taking the industry to a landmark level of science? Here are five advantages of BGA rework stations. 

1. BGA rework station machine labour costs are low

The average salary of ordinary employees continues to improve, the company must constantly optimize the industrial structure, control costs. Automation equipment not only reduces the input of human resources but also greatly improve production efficiency. The BGA rework station has reduced the number of personnel from nearly ten to one or two.

2. BGA workstation's great production consistency

In the past manual era, this important position at the BGA workstation can not production coherently for a long time. Most employees are unfamiliar with their usage patterns, and the personnel is unstable. Once this position is vacant, the company will lose a lot. As a result, BGA reworks systems that automate consistent production operations can solve major problems for businesses to stop production.

3. BGA rework station operation is simple

The BGA rework station not only improves productivity but is also easy to operate and easy to learn and understand.

4. BGA repair station production efficiency is high

The automation technology of the BGA rework station enables continuous batch and precise operation, so the BGA rework system can be significantly more productive.

5. Ball grid array rework station product quality is high

BGA rework station can be reasonably accurate production, the ability to control temperature and wind speed are great, PCB board and BGA chip damage is small, repair effect is excellent, so the quality of its production is very good. Zhuomao is one of the most famous BGA rework station manufacturers in China, providing quality BGA rework stations for sale.

BGA rework station is widely used, in addition to the above five advantages, there are other minor advantages, for example, now BGA chip is very small, BGA rework station can also make BGA tin ball and PCB padding accurate alignment; There are a variety of sizes of titanium alloy hot air nozzles, easy to replace; You can set an action permission password to prevent the process from being tampered with. Manual operation of BGA rework station has become a thing of the past after the BGA rework station will have more superior features, BGA Rework station as the mainstream SMT era will completely replace the hot air gun BGA rework station SMT era!

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