Project Description

ZM-L80 TFT-LCD Laser Repair Machine

  • Support TFT-LCD LED Panel From 5″ – 80″
  • Including Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Smart TV Screen.
  • LCD Screen Resolution Support 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K
  • Support LCD Bad Point, Line, Block Repair
  • Laser Head From Canada, Long Life, Maintenance Free


LCD laser repair machine (referred to as laser machine) on the LCD screen repair industry accounted for the high-end repair technology.

The most high-end technology of LCD screen repair, LCD screen repair industry in addition to the COF loose welding, TAB char (this error can be repaired with a bonding machine)

Others such as ITO break, short line, bright line, half-line, dotted line, a multi-line laser machine can be used to repair.

Laser machine with high efficiency, fixed rate, low cost (the same fault in the laser machine does not need replacement parts, and do not affect the repair rate).

It is widely used as the main device of screen repair in large-scale production factory,after sale and service company.

Please note: Specification are subject to change without notice!

Technical Parameters

ItemLaser TV LCD repair machine ZM-L80
Working height:≤50mm
Working weight:≤20KG
Net weight:≤1100kg
For LCD panel screen size:maximum 995mm*1770mm (80 inch)
For LCD panel screen thickness:0.3~2.2mm
Working environment temperature:20℃~30℃±5℃
Work environment relative humidity:65 + / - 5% RH
Laser types:Nd-YAG LASER
Wave length:1064/532 nm double wavelength (532 nm for adjust the optical wavelength)
Pulse:Q-Switch 5n /seconds
Output power:800uJ/Pulse(100 times AVG)
Output power:800uJ/Pulse(100 times AVG)
LCD monitor:The 15 " Monitor
Magnification:400,800,1600 multiple
Input power:AC power 220V , 50~60Hz,25A
Output power:800uJ/Pulse(100 times AVG)
Vibration frequency:1 ~ 10 Hz/seconds
Objective switching system:Mitutoyo 4 hole/electric switch mode (linear)
Precision optical lens group:5x (observed), 10x, 20x ( special for LCD repair )
Operating Mode:Electronic control
Adjust range:10μm
Light Mode:Long/square is adjustable
Working range:905mm*1535mm*50mm (XYZ axis)
X, Y effective stroke:907mm*1538mm
Z axis range:51mm
Computer system:Racks of computer, image acquisition card, Graphics Card
Image Capture:SXT 403 DC12V
Light source:Adjustable , coaxial light sources , light spot and LED
Air pressure:0.4 mpa

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