BGA Rework Station with Easy Operation and High Performance

Seamark ZM offers BGA Rework Station since 2005, we have manual, semi-automated and automated bga rework systems with high precision, and user-friendly operation interface, it’s easy to setup and use. Seamark ZM BGA rework station capable of a wide range of board and component including BGA, CSP, QFN, Flip Chips, POP (Package on Package), Micro-SMD (0201, 01005).

We have BGA rework rang from entry level to high end, all BGA rework station can add side-view camera for your special inspection needs, semi-automated rework station with optical alignment system. Besides, we have full automated rework  system with Nitrogen gas capability (Soldering in a Nitrogen atmosphere enable higher quality solder joints when compared to soldering in hot air or IR sources), it has been widely used in EMS manufacturing factory in their volume rework process.

Easy operation and high performance, customize support(from machine to accessories, it all can be customized), no matter it’s in your R & D, Engineering departments or volume repair centers, Seamark ZM BGA rework station can handle it. Below is some typical model of our rework station, welcome contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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