Seamark ZM X-Ray Inspection System for Real Time, None-destrustive Testing

X-ray inspection system can detecting and creating an immediate x-ray image for different material, analytics software enables us to identify and diagnose material defects, can be widly used in BGA Void under Joint(with Void Rate Caculation) Checking, IC Chips, LEDs PCB Checking, FPC PCB, Batteries, Connectors & harness products, Die Casting, etc.

Seamark ZM offers X-ray inspection equipment & solution since 2015, we provide semi-automated X-ray inspection systems (offline, from 90 KV – 130 KV) to ensure the quality including Semiconductor components, PCB assembly, material non-destructive test, in real time, Besides, we can provide inline x-ray inspection solution for your critical products inspection in your manufacturig process. More details please check our product below.

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