Project Description

X-Ray inspection system X-1200

  • SMT /Semicon/Solar/Harness Connector/LED PCB (Special for LED 1200mm)
  • High-definition image: Slanting/Bridge/Voids/Cold Solder/Bonding wire
  • 90KV 5μm closed X-ray tube,with long life,maintenance in free
  • 1.3 million high resolution digital flat panel detector
  • Color image navigation, easy to use
  • Automatic programming detection and automatic analysis NG or OK


1) Defect inspection in IC packaging, e.g.: layer separation, cracking, void, and line integrity.

2) Measuring chip size, measuring line curvature, measuring the proportion of solder area of components.

3) Possible defects in PCB manufacturing processes, e.g.: misalignment, solder bridge and open.

4) SMT solder short, cold solder, component shifted, solder insufficient, solder void inspection and measurement.

5) Defect inspection of open, short or abnormal connections that may occur in automotive wiring harnesses and connectors.

6) Inner rupture or hollow inspection in plastic or metal.

7) Battery stacking uniformity, electrode welding inspection.

8) Seed, biological material inspection etc.

Please note: Specification are subject to change without notice!

Technical Parameters

Tube TypeSealed Microfocus X-Ray Tube
Maximum Tube Voltage90KV
Maximum Tube Current200μa (Software Limit 89μa)
Focal Spot Size5μm
Cooling MethodConvection Cooling
Detector TypeFlat Panel Detector
Imaging Area50mm*50mm
Photosensitive Unit Size49.5μm
Pixel Matrix1176*1104 Pixels
Repeated Accuracy3μm
Software Inspection Speed3.0s/Point
Inspection Area1200mm×600mm
Load Capacity≤20Kg
Operation ModeMouse/Keyboard
Inner Lead Plate5 mm Lead Plate (Isolate Radiation)
Dimensions2000mm(L) * 1350mm(W) * 1860mm(H)
Operation Computer24" LCD/
I5/2G Ram/200G HDD
Power SupplyAC220V ±10%, 10A
Temperature And Humidity22±3℃ 50%Rh±10%Rh
Total Power1700W

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