Project Description

Main Feature

  1. The whole machine is fully ESD protected, meets the ESD protection standard.
  2. The whole machine design complies with the safety design specification of GB/T 15706-2012 and GB/T 19671 relevant safety design requirements for installation.
  3. The heater is independently controlled. The temperature can be set  according to the repairing requirements, effectively avoiding the temperature unevenness and PCBA deformation.
  4. Adopt drawer type loading design, which can stretch out the loading platform for easy access to the PCB.
  5. Using independent innovative image alignment technology, can effectively solve the problem of visual alignment of large-sized objects.
  6. Self-developed multi-function foolproof operating system, easy to operate, and can be connected with MES/SAP.
  7. Equipped with a high-power silent smoke extraction system, the volatilizing gas generated during the PCBA repair process can be extracted in time.

Technical Parameters

Power SupplyAC 380V±10%50/60Hz
Power25.2 KW (Max)
Heater PowerTop heater 1450W
1200W IR heaterBottom heater 23.2KW, other parts 1800W
Control system Industrial PC+servo motion control system
Mounting Accuracy±0.01mm (X,Y axis)
Motion Accuracy±0.02mm
Temp controlK-type thermocouple (closed Loop),precision ±1°C
Heating methodTop hot air + Bottom hot air + Mobile IR heater
External temp sensor5 Pcs
PositioningL shape groove and universal fixture (odd fixture customized)
PCB size850*550mm (Max) 10*10mm (Min)
BGA size100*100mm(max)
2*2mm (min)
Temp control methodFull closed-loop control, temperature overshoot/fluctuation does not exceed 5°C, can automatically monitor the working state of the heating wire
Cooling MethodAir cooling
Mounting Pressure≤5N

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