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We will provide one year warranty free for all spare parts, and life time technical support. We have professional technical team, for any question, assistant videos are also provided.

All of our machine are packed in Solid wooden box with foam, sticks and bond to fix inside. It is safe enough when shipping.

Normally, we ship goods by DHL,Fed-ex, UPS,etc (Door to Door Service), 4~7 days to arrive; by Air to your nearest airport(Door to Airport Service ) 2~5 days to arrive; by Sea to your nearest seaport,  20~40 days to arrive. (different country different time). Besides, customer can specify it’s own shipping forwarder to us.

For X-ray inspection system, we will provide on site installation and training.

For BGA rework station, we only provide free training on our side or provide free online training.

BGA Rework FAQ

Normally it depends on your pcb volume, quality requirements, skills and experience on rework, please tell us more details to get the best model for your work.

Normally it will take you 2-3 hours to learn how to operate, our BGA Rework Machine LCD Repair Machine & X-Ray Inspection is designed to use easily.  Besides, the English user manual and the operation video is available.

X-Ray Inspection FAQ

A cabinet x-ray system contains an x-ray tube installed within a shielded enclosure. The enclosure is made of a material, usually lead, that stops most of the x radiation from leaving the enclosure. The enclosure also serves as a physical barrier that excludes people from the space where x-rays are produced.

Cabinet x-ray systems create images of the inside of products, parcels and luggage without damaging their contents. As an item passes through the cabinet, the x-ray image is transmitted to a monitor. Cabinet x-ray systems also were called X-ray Inspection Systems, Micro-focus X-ray System, X-ray Screening Systems, X-ray Security Systems, and Baggage X-ray Systems.

Yes, it’s safe.

Manufacturers are required to certify that their products meet the Federal radiation safety performance standard for cabinet x-ray systems.

Radiation Emission limit from FDA: “Radiation emitted from the cabinet x-ray system shall not exceed an exposure of 0.5 milliroentgen in one hour at any point five centimeters outside the external surface.”–CFR – Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Part 1020.40, (c) Requirements.

SeamarkZM X-ray inspection system emission usually under 0.3 μSv/hr, it’s less than the normal background radiation level. (Note: Normal background radiation is approximately 0.02 mR/hr at sea level and approximately 0.5 mR/hr in a plane at cruising altitude during the day.)

The limit on radiation emission established by the performance standard is sufficiently restrictive that there is no additional hazard for specific populations such as children or pregnant women.

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