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Advantages of JXF-8000 RoHS Halogen-free Environmental Protection Detector

1. Precision: open working curve, special measurement of key controlled materials in specific working areas;

2. Fast: the original fast spectrogram comparison and analysis method, and the function of timely warning when supplier materials change;

3. Safety: double X-ray protection (software, hardware, labyrinth design) to ensure the personal safety of operators and radiation injury caused by accidental operation;

4. Large sample room design provides more space than traditional models;

5. New optical path design is adopted to reduce the detection limit of chlorine (Cl) element;

6. Provide an open work curve calibration platform, which can customize the detection scheme for controlling hazardous substances for users;

7. The world's leading XRF analysis software integrates the analysis methods such as empirical coefficient method and basic parameter method (FP method);

8. Comprehensively ensure the accuracy of test data;

9. The test report output format (Excel, PDF, etc.) can be customized according to user requirements, meeting the factory's various statistical and format requirements;

10. Multilingual software interface is available for selection;

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