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battery x ray inspection

XB5200-Stacking Battery Inspection

The XB5200 is designed for inspecting stacking (blade) process-type cells in the lithium battery industry. It utilizes TDI line scanning technology and offers additional inspection capabilities such as plate fold and tab fold.

Features of XB5200-Stacking Battery Inspection

  • Cutting-Edge X-ray Technology

    XB5200 utilizes the world-renowned Hamamatsu X-ray tube, ensuring unmatched precision. This technology allows the machine to conduct intricate inspections of winding batteries, ensuring exceptional performance standards.

  • Innovative Algorithm Implementation

    Seamark's proprietary algorithm software elevates XB5200's capabilities. These advanced algorithms enable the machine to analyze intricate battery details with precision, facilitating accurate and reliable quality assessments.

  • Expert Customer Assistance

    Seamark's customer support stands out. Their experienced Research and Development (R&D) professionals and dedicated after-sales service team provide rapid and effective solutions, ensuring uninterrupted operation for businesses relying on XB5200.

Specification of XB5200-Stacking Battery Inspection

X-ray tube parameters
Tube TypeReflective sealed micro-focus ray source
Tube Voltage Range40-90KV/40-130KV
Tube Current Range10-200uA/10-300uA (Maximum output power: 8W-39W)
Micro Focus Size5-15um
Other Parameters
Control SystemIndustrial computer Win10 (64-bit)
International Radiation Safety Standards≤1μSV/hr
Equipment Size/Weight1910*1450*1900mm/1800kg
Power SupplyAC220V 10A, 50-60Hz
Receiver parameters
Flat Panel TypeAmorphous silicon flat panel detector (optional)/line array detector TDI
Pixel Matrix1536*1536
Field of View130mm*130mm Resolution: 5.8Lp/mm Image frame rate (1x1): 20fps
AD Conversion Bits16bits
Stage Parameters
Maximum Sample Size900mmX300mm
Loading Capacity≤10Kg

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